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Axis of Evil or Tame Northern Neighbor: Stigma against Iran lacks ground in the Arab Region

Jaimee Haddad, American School of Doha

By Dora Bralo, Jaimee Haddad, Ali Rodriguez and Emily Sakkab Iran is less than 300 miles away from Qatar, coastline to coastline. In western eyes, particularly from the perspective of the US, Iran seems like a world away, ideologically,...

The Day the earth didn't stand still

Mai Hahne, The American School in Japan

25 minutes until the end of school and people were still taking their tests. We've been using new sex sites from to ensure no one was cheating, but me and my two friends were quietly chatting Miss Katie away, having finished... This is the best way to find local sex when you have finished high school in college

Survival Guilt

Lorea Dandoy, The American School in Japan

Even as I let my body give in to the comfort of my bed, I could not relax. Every vein in my body pulsed heavily and the world seemed to rock again. But it was only in my head. The 9.0 Magnitude earthquake that shook half of Japan, the 8-hour...

The Ugg(ly) Truth

Anna Riley, The American School in Japan

How many people do you know who own Uggs? It seems as though sometimes every girl in the school is wearing Uggs, doesn't it? Especially in the brutal cold winters, Uggs will keep your feet snug and warm. But how much do you know about how Uggs are...

The growth of piracy

Nick Frazer, Washington International School

Who would have thought that in the 21st century, the world would be facing an international issue that the United States confronted when Thomas Jefferson was president? The issue is maritime piracy, a problem that has grown significantly over...

A City Over A City

Linda Bou Ali, American Community School at Beirut

Heritages, as the Oxford English Dictionary states, are "valued objects and qualities such as historic buildings and cultural traditions that have been passed down and preserved...

This Is Not A Drill: Tokyo Earthquake Experience

Jiyoon Kim, The American School in Japan

“WAIT,” cried the orchestra’s principal cellist. “Do you feel that?” The entire class halted, including the conductor, whose arm was frozen mid-air in preparation...

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Mariam Bengali

Female Basketball in Jordan: A Reality Restraining Athletes
Zara Najjar

The Ongoing War: Israel and Palestine
Sewon Park

My Grandfather, The Nobel Laureate
Leandro Vargas-Llosa

Japan Earthquake: A Tokyo Experience
Kate Gibson

My View

Allyson Quirk
Washington International School

“Charity starts at home.” Why should we care about what’s happening in other countries, when there is poverty as close as our community? In the US, we have the notion of volunteerism that many people follow strongly, but this is not true throughout the world. It should be our duty as a developed country with the ability to help others, to send aid to the countries that don’t have any help within their own communities. JustWorld International is an organization that focuses on children in impoverished communities in Honduras, Cambodia, Guatemala, Brazil and Senegal. The international equestrian community, ranging from elementary school students through to adults, ride to fund the organization to provide basic needs to children in these countries with very little access otherwise. They provide basic education, nutrition, health, hygiene and vocational programs for children, in the hopes of aiding them in creating a brighter future.

Sound Bytes

What should the US and other governments be doing in support of the Libyan protesters?

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